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We are a family owned bonsai business located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have been doing bonsai since 1987. We have been in business since 2008. We specialize in tropical bonsai trees but still occasionally have pine and juniper bonsai. We carry a full line of bonsai products that include: bonsai tools, bonsai pots, bonsai books, bonsai fertilizer, bonsai training wire and bonsai soil. We also have one of the largest online collections of bonsai care sheets. If you live here locally we have a bonsai babysitting service where we take care of your trees while you are on vacation. 

To view our products on a mobile device, if you do not see a menu bar at the top of the screen under our logo, you will have to click on the "three line" navigation menu (also called a HAMBURGER Menu) in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

Ponderosa Pines as Bonsai Ficus:The Exotic Bonsai Bonsai Book, Suiseki & Viewing Stones by Melba Tucker
Ponderosa Pines as Bonsai
Our Price: $24.95
Ficus: The Exotic Bonsai
Our Price: $27.95
Principles of Bonsai Design Bonsai Book by Pedro Morales Secret Techniques of Bonsai
Bonsai Book, Your Guide to Creating Stands and Benches Bonsai Book, Shohin Bonsai by Morten Albek, with Wayne Schoech Bonsai Book, Junipers:Growing and Styling Juniper Bonsai
Bonsai Book, Pines: Growing and Styling Japanese Pine Bonsai Book, The Magician: The Bonsai Art of Kimura 2 Bonsai Basics: A Step-by-Step Guide

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