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Here are a few links to other places in the Bonsai Community

Pikes Peak Bonsai Society Website has been discontinued because it has been found to be much easier and cheaper to just use our Facebook page.

The Pikes Peak Bonsai Society meets each month on the evening of the third Tuesday at 7 PM at Firehouse #14 at 1875 Dublin Blvd., 80918
The club was started in 1987 and is still going strong. We would be happy to see you and your tree at the next meeting!

Pikes Peak Bonsai Society Facebook Page

Pikes Peak Bonsai Society Facebook Page Facebook Page

If you need to find out what is going on in our club, Facebook is the answer. We try to keep it up to date with all that is going on.
Click on the photo above to get to our Facebook page.

Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society Website

Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society

RMBS is one of the longest running clubs in the United States. During World War II Japanese Americans were placed in internment camps. Following the release of these people some of the Japanese and their families stayed in the Denver area and in 1945 eight of these Japanese American men organized the Denver Bonsai Club. We know 7 names of these 8 men; Mr. George Fukuma, Mr. Shiichi Fukuhara, Mr. Ben Yamakishi, Mr. Sam Naka, Mr. George Inai, Mr. Kai Kawahara and Mr. Mitsutaro Tawara.

Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society
This photo is from 1954 (the oldest known photo). It is of the 10th annual bonsai show.

Click on either of the photos above to get to the webpage for the Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society.

Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society Facebook Page

Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society Facebook Page

RMBS is one of the oldest clubs in the United States.
You can follow along on their Facebook Page by clicking on the above photo

Ryan Neil's Website (Bonsai Mirai)

Bonsai Mirai

Ryan Neil is a Colorado native who did a 6 year apprenticeship under Masahiko Kimura in Japan.
Shortly thereafter he started his bonsai nursery near Portland, Oregon.
Ryan is an accomplished bonsai artist and is the leader in the American Bonsai movement.

Ryan Neil working on a tree in Japan

Click on either of the photos above to get to Ryan's webpage

Ryan Neil's Facebook Page

Ryan Neil's Facebook Page

Click on the photo above to get to Ryan's Facebook Page

First Branch Bonsai (Todd Schlafer)

First Branch Bonsai

So if you are interested in collected pine trees or junipers from the mountains of Colorado, this is the person to get them from, Todd Schlafer.

Click on the photo above to see his webpage.

Bonsai Software

Through the years, several people have asked me if I am aware of any good bonsai software that will allow them to keep track of their bonsai collection.
There have been several good candidates over the years, but several of these never kept up with upgrading their software so that it would be compatible with the newer versions of Windows.

At the present time, I would recommend the two following programs.

The first is Bonsai Album by Andrew Nicolle.

Bonsai Album for Windows

Andrew has been working on this program for several years now. It first started out as an app for your cell phone. I was one of the original testers for the beta version. And I am very pleased with what he has come up with over the years. He has finally come up with a Windows version that is even compatible with Windows 10. It sells for $29.99
There is even a trial version for free.
Click on the above photo to go to his site.

The second choice is MyBonsai 4U.

MyBonsai 4U

This is Italian software that is very good. There is a trial version for 30 days and to upgrade cost 3.90 euros (That is less than $5, can't go wrong there!) All in all, I think this is a very good choice. I have it installed on Windows 10, but it must be run as administrator.
Click on the above photo to go to the website.