We are a small bonsai business located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We have been involved in Bonsai since 1987. Though we carry many types of bonsai trees, we specialize in tropical bonsai trees. We carry a full line of Chinese bonsai pots, bonsai tools made in America and in China, bonsai training wire, bonsai books, bonsai fertilizer, and many other bonsai accessories.
We have enjoyed doing our own Bonsai for over 28 years now and even as large as this hobby is (if we can call it that), there has never been a bonsai businees in our city of Colorado Springs. So that is why we started S&S Bonsai; to help bring this wonderful hobby to our friends, both local and far away.

We have lived in the city of Colorado Springs since 1957. We are located just a few blocks from the US Olympic Training Center.

We are a home based business, therefore, we do not have regular business hours. Anyone is welcome to stop by to see what we have. We only ask that you call ahead to make sure we will be here and to make an appointment. The number is: 719-633-9110

Our address is:

1024 Bonfoy Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Our phone number is: 719-633-9110

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