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We have many trees in stock. The majority of our stock are Tropical trees, but we also carry Semi-tropical, Evergreen, Deciduous and Conifer. Sometimes we even have Yamadori (wild caught trees) from the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming.

We choose not to ship any of our trees because shipping has become a real pain! It seems the US Post Office does not feel that delivering our trees in one piece is their job.

Therefore, our trees are only available at S&S Bonsai or at any of the many sales events that we will be attending throughout the year (please check the Calendar of Events in the top menu). We are sorry for this inconvenience, but shipping has resulted in mostly destroyed trees, no matter how well packed they are.

We have many trees here at S&S Bonsai. If you are in the area, please give us a call at: 719-633-9110 and make an appointment to stop by and see our trees.

We use to photograph all of our trees and put them here on our webpage for you to see but we go through so many trees (200 or more) each year that we just no longer have the time to do this. Again, the best way to see these trees is to make an appointment and come by.